Automation of banking, financial and postal technologies
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General information about Colvir solutions

Colvir is a developer of advanced software solutions for banks, businesses, post offices and public finance institutions.

Colvir software products are fully scalable, open, customizable packaged solutions implemented in a multi-tier architecture, ready for the cloud computing paradigm and meeting the typical set of specifications usually defined for banking and financial packages in international bidding.

Colvir software products can be purchased pursuant to the Company’s standard licensing policy and can be implemented with the involvement of either Colvir or those from a partner company. Alternatively, Colvir software can be procured on ‘software as a services’ basis – a recent new trend of gaining access to software solutions in order to develop and support core business activities.

Colvir offers software products that are full-service and fully integrated, spanning all the key processes within the target organization. Nonetheless, the modular organization of Colvir solutions enables system the acquisition and implementation either as a whole, or by module suites or even by individual modules. Where Colvir software is acquired on software as a service basis, there is even no need to purchase complete modules as order specifications can then be fine-tuned to individual functions and products.

All Colvir solutions share a common platform that leverages for all solutions the same system kernel, services, tools and technologies.


A state-of-the-art open technology platform in a 3-tier service-oriented Java EE architecture leveraging Apache as the application server and Oracle 11g as the DBMS. The client part is different for the front-office and back-office functions: the front office leverages WEB technologies, while the back office was developed using a smart client (cross-platform QT technology / Python / Delphi). The business logic is supported by workflow mechanisms. While the front office leverages Activity (the BPMN 2.0 standard), the back office makes use of a specialized macro language called Colvir-BPL.

The platform incorporates a powerful set of tools that support an exceptionally high level of system adaptability.

The platform offers the following key features:

  • Unicode-based multi-lingual support enabling different users to access the system concurrently in different languages;
  • Support of customer services 24 х 7 without any interruptions for maintenance;
  • A Data Warehouse integrated with the transactional system; the Data Warehouse provides the foundation for all the Colvir analytical modules.

The following protocols can be used for external system integration: SOAP, JSON and ISO8583.